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This is the story of two brilliant sons of Carnatic music. One was from Alathur, the other from Angarai.

The story of the brothers is as fascinating as the brilliance of their music. For one, the legendary brothers who set new standards in duet singing were not consanguineous siblings. The two were from different families, from different villages. The selfless gesture of a nagaswaram artiste, Sivanandam Pillai, brought them together. The grand design behind this act of providence would reveal itself as the brothers proceeded to jointly raise a musical edifice. If there was anything at all that succeeded in diverting one’s attention from the compelling grandeur of their musical creation, it was a soft glow radiating from its foundation. There was something more to that base than the component of brilliant talent. It was love, of a kind that forbade jealousy. The absence of any insecurity whatsoever beautified the bonding between the Alathur Brothers.

The music of the Alathur Brothers broke new ground on several fronts. They redefined the standards of musical complexity in their artistic expressions, yet never once losing sight of the aesthetics of the art form. They left behind a vast and beautiful legacy for students of music, in more ways than one.

“Alathur Brothers – United in Music” is the world’s first graphic biography of one of India’s greatest musician-duos. This book is a Collector’s edition, with authentic photographs, the autographs of the maestros and graphic depictions that portray with remarkable accuracy the feel of the times. The script has been thoroughly researched and this tight 24 page edition is complete in all respects, as has been endorsed whole-heartedly by the children (and disciples) of both brothers.
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Smt. Lakshmi Devnath has put in her heart and soul to bring out this unique publication. It exhibits a novel method of enlightening Carnatic music lovers on the lives and contributions of the Brothers, the disciplined way in which they were trained by their Guru, Alathur Venkatesa Iyer, and the exceptional skills and ability demonstrated by them.

Alathur S. Thiagarajan
( Son of Sri. Alathur Subbier )


“This is a work of complete dedication and is of tremendous relevance to the future of Carnatic music.”

Vidya Subramanyam
( Daughter and disciple of Sri. Alathur Srinivasa Iyer )