Book Description

G.N. Balasubramaniam (GNB), the prince charming of Carnatic music, took the Carnatic world by storm in the 1930s. He had a voice that brought to mind the timbre and sheen of silvery bells. The hallmark of his music was fast-paced phrases that he rolled out with remarkable clarity. Adding glitter to the sheen of GNB’s music was his personality. He was a debonair young man with dashing good looks. People flocked to his concerts, attracted by the various facets of his allure. The tinsel world sought him out for these very reasons, for those were the days of singing stars. Adding to the aura around him, was that he had an honours degree in English, indeed a rarity of the times for Carnatic musicians! Sadly, jealous detractors used these facets to negate the worth of his music.

“G.N. Balasubramaniam–Speed Thrills” is the world’s first graphic biography of a great musician who surfed the waves of success and tided over the waves of jealousy to establish himself as an icon in the world of Carnatic music for all times to come. This book is a Collector’s edition, with authentic photographs, the autograph of the maestro and graphic depictions that portray with remarkable accuracy the feel of the times. The script has been thoroughly researched and this tight 24 page edition is complete in all respects, as has been endorsed whole-heartedly by GNB’s brother and son”.

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Lakshmi has not missed any significant event and her wonderful script along with the excellent pictorial presentation brings back vivid memories of the legend and makes us relive the past.


Shri G.N. Balakrishnan
( younger brother of GNB ) &
Shri G.B. Bhuvaneswaran
( son of GNB )