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She was a legend in her lifetime. She is a legend even today. Tanjavur Brinda stood for uncompromising classicism in music even as she did for a woman’s right to pursue the art. Her life as a musician happened on the cusp between the age of traditionalism and the advent of modernity. She declared, “The presiding deity of our arts is a Goddess. Women have thus not only a right to practice music but also a great responsibility in doing so.” In the same breath she added, “My conviction is that if musicians and institutions insist upon presenting only good music, rasikas will naturally take a liking for such music.”

“T Brinda – Bowing to Classicism” is the world’s first graphic biography of a gutsy woman who decisively staked her claim to greatness in a man’s world and on her own terms. She was publicly acknowledged as a musician of the highest order, notably, by the other musicians, accomplished in their own right. It was merit that could not be gainsaid. This book is a Collector’s edition, with authentic photographs, the autograph of the maestro and graphic depictions that portray with remarkable accuracy the feel of the times. The script has been thoroughly researched and this tight 24 page edition is complete in all respects, as has been endorsed whole-heartedly by Smt Aruna Sairam, famed musician and disciple of Smt T Brinda, as well as by the maestro’s daughter and disciple, Smt Vegavahini Vijayaraghavan.

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“Pleasant, readable and accurate, graphic biography of Smt. T. Brinda. Adding to the appeal is the artwork.”

Padma Shri Smt. Aruna Sairam