Posted by   Madhumitha,  United States
I just finished reading the book "Poorva". It is a MUST READ and am very much thankful to the Author for giving us such a wonderful book.
27-09-2011 12:17 am

Posted by   Krishnamurthy,  India
I have seen your Interview last week in Podigai TV. I pray god for your good health and Happy days to do more great works on our cultural music.I am just an admirer and lover of Carnatic Music and I wish more and more of our young generation love to learn the Music.I will soon try to get the books made by you. With Respects
01-08-2011 6:25 am

Posted by   Mrs. Bhooma Parthasarathy,  India
Very nice pictorial story telling of a legendary singer for the children.Excellent way to teach children of our heritage and cultural strengths.Schools must encourage children to read this. Hope Lakshmi comes out with many more inspirationsl stories of our performing artists. Mrs. Bhooma Parthasarathy Correspondent Vedavalli Vidyalaya Schools Ranipet-Walajapet India
24-07-2011 11:06 am

Posted by   Bharath Mohan,  India
The very concept is ingenious and fresh! Narrating the biography of some of our nation's Greats with pictorial representations of the episodes will not only make it a fun read but a memorable one too. I think it'll reach all age groups especially the youngsters. I'm definitely picking up a copy and recommending it to family and friends.
20-06-2011 1:31 pm

Posted by   B.DEVNATH,  India
an excellent work on ms.has a great feel about which am sure any kid will love.beyond all these words n all the other comments i have just two words to say....."OHONU IRUKKU"!!!!
20-06-2011 1:24 pm

Posted by   Rahul Shankar,  India
For all of us who've grown up reading Amar Chitra Katha and such comics about our epics, Gods and legends, this is perhaps the best opportunity to go through the same experience and get to know our Cultural Legends!!
20-06-2011 10:47 am

Posted by   Neal Jain,  India
While going through the online edition of The Hindu (Friday Review), Chennai and Tamil Nadu edition dated 17 June 2011, I read with great interest the forthcoming publications with special reference to Carnatic Music. I wish to put on record my sincere appreciation for this important work made possible and hope it will inspire people.
18-06-2011 4:14 am

Posted by   Srinivas Parthasarathy,  India
Novel concept. Highly commendable effort. Looking forward to more from Mrs. Lakshmi Devnath. Keep it goin ! Congratulations !
17-06-2011 2:09 pm

Posted by   Deepa Chakravarthy,  India
I am eagerly waiting for the books to hit the store so that I can shelf it in my personal book collection. I think it is a great thought conceived. My kudos to all the team members part of this project. I want to add that I live in a huge Apt complex and often my daughter who is 7yrs is invited for nearly all the birthdays. Hunting an appropriate gift for these children is no more going to be a task. Thank you so much!
17-06-2011 4:18 am

Posted by   Sumitra Nitin,  India
Absolutely delighted with this concept. The execution is awesome too. I am sure children are going to take to it like fish to water. The legends of Carnatic music deserve this. Hats off to Lakshmi for this truly unique product. Looking forward to many many more from her.
15-06-2011 2:52 am

Posted by   Smt.. R. Ramani Veena Artist.,  India
Wonderful job! Awesome ! Lovely pictures, simple words with all details about the legend M.S. Amma,sweet presentation of the Pictorial Biography is really a treasure to be cherished by everyone-young or old.This is an ideal gift for children and I wish to buy many books for my students and grand children.I wish all the best and may God bless you to bring out many more books like this.Congratulations, Lakshmi.
07-06-2011 1:18 pm

Posted by   Hamsa,  United States
Outstanding! For youngsters and adults who want to learn carnatic music this will be a nice start to see the life of its stalwarts. I need copies of these books for my grandchildren! Keep it up!
27-05-2011 10:16 pm

Posted by   Malathi Mittal,  India
The presentation of the M.S. book in the web site makes one want to own it straightaway! Yeoman service To Carnatic Music, keep it up Lakshmi!
26-05-2011 11:10 am