Title: M.S.Subbulakshmi,The queen of song
Publisher: Heritage Publishing House
Number of Pages: 24 Pages
Additional Features:
»  Autographed Picture Card
» Endorsed by 'Radha Viswanathan’
(Daughter and disciple of M.S.Subbulakshmi who provided vocal support to her mother for over 50 years)
Artist: G. Sekar
Cover portrait: Aras
Price: $5  
Book is available in all leading stores and can be purchased
Online through www.Kalakendra.com

"I see greatness, yes greatness. She is blessed by the gods." Prophetic words from a mysterious old man that came true.
"I would rather hear Subbulakshmi speak the bhajan that anyone else sing it." The Mahatma's words echoed the thoughts of millions.
Such was beauty of her voice and the magic of her song.
But there was more to her.
"Equivalent to over one million US dollars, her contributions have benefited foundations for the poor, hospitals, orphanages, schools,.."

MS' saga of generosity is as inspiring as the saga of her musical journey.
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